Let’s cut to the chase and bring the pink elephant out into the center of the room…

Online marketing is challenging and for many entrepreneurs and small business owners, it seems to change daily. Plus, there’s hundreds and thousands of products and programs out there all selling you the ‘magic formula’ to getting you to 6, 7, and even 8-figures in a matter of days. Here’s what it really takes. Strong foundations, a massive understanding of your marketing and what that market wants from you, and a solution-based, customer-centric focus.

We’re not selling you the Kool-Aid here at Influence Builder, we’re helping you create your own recipe for success.

And we have specially designed our programs, courses, and products to support YOU where you are at in your business, and we skip the surface layer B.S. that has inundated the online coaching/consulting space.

Every business has it’s own unique identity…and it’s own marketing ecosystems that work harmoniously together to create magic, momentum, and moolah. And when a piece is missing, then the foundations can’t hold, and the business can’t scale.

We’re all about building and creating scenarios where you’re filling in the cracks and moving forward with 4-main pillars:




Sales and

Who are your partners at Influence Builder?

Building anything takes people and partnerships. A foundational wall can’t go up without others supporting the process. That is why Influence Builder’s founder and CEO and a DIGITAL DISRUPTOR herself, Danielle Fitzpatrick Clark treats each and every client as though they are in a committed relationship. With 12 years of online marketing and lead generation experience, and her background in science – she’s created systems and methodology that support the growth and scaling of even the newest business. Plus, her proprietary blend of science, customer-centric content, and lean startup mentality support businesses where they are out and takes them to where they want to go…FAST and without any of the FLUFF that is in each and every niche and corner of the digital space.

NORMAL IS THE NEW INSANITY and what got one person to succeed in their business isn’t going to support the next person. Get ready for a different approach to building business, and creating a long-lasting, recession-proof business that you’re excited about, and that is creating massive movement in your niche.

So what kind of results can you expect with Influence Builder?

Here is the thing about results, everyone’s expectations are different. With that in mind, we’ve tailor-made programs with the entrepreneur in mind. You’ll find smaller group programs that support growth and cash flow, One-on-One consulting that will do a deep dive into your business and support your growth longer term and an agency aspect where you can hire us to do the heavy lifting and take over the creation process as you do what you do best – taking care of your clients.

Because we’re all about transparency we don’t just send you to a page and have you buy a program. We first want to get to know you. You’ll have to apply for a spot first and then Danielle or a team member will conduct an interview to see if this is an aligned fit!

Income and Influence explosion – 8 Week Mentorship

Ready to hit $10k-$30k months consistently?

There’s a science behind the elusive 5-figure and 6-figure months that took Danielle years to figure out. With this 8-week mentorship program you’ll learn the following:

Analytics for the Win

Before you know what you can do you have to dig in deeper to analytics, gap analysis, and comparative analysis. Let’s figure out what the gaps truly are.

Your Program Ecosystems

Your high ticket offers are essential when looking to hit $10k+ months. They have to be tightened, and a no-brainer buy after the analytics have been done. Let’s dig in deep to your high ticket, medium ticket and low ticket offers and how they play off each other.

Who are and where are your ideal clients?

Maybe you already know who your clients are, but do you know where to find them. Maybe you know where they are, you just don’t know how to magnetize them to you. This is a deep dive into how to do everything when it comes to identifying, finding and enticing clients.

Traffic Sources

Your offers are only as good as the traffic that sees them. Here we talk about all the areas both online and offline that can support traffic coming to your offers and how to convert that traffic.

Systematize for Success

You’ve got the traffic, now you need the systems. Here we’ll learn what systems to put in place, how to put up an easy website, and lead magnets and funnel your prospects through so that you get more sales calls and close more sales.

How to market and create predictable outcomes

This isn’t just another funnel, this is how to put together a marketing plan that works. Tried and tested, again and again; this proprietary way of doing marketing is how to market authentically.

Passive Income & Affiliate Marketing

This is where consistent cash flow comes in. Scaling to multiple 6 & 7-figures takes out of the box thinking and passive income streams that flow beautifully with your business is the way to do it. And we’ll show you where to look and find these opportunities.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Chances are you already have assets. Chances are you already have potential sponsorship opportunities surrounding you, and you just don’t know how to capture them. This week we’ll layout you are what sponsors look for in a proposal and give you templates to start creating and a plan to start reaching out that has brought in $250k in sponsorships for our clients.

Bonus #1

Build Your Freedom Dream Team

($997 Value)

Bonus #2

Organic Traffic Explosion

($997 Value) 

Bonus #3

Scaling with Automation and Advertising 3-module series

($2,997 Value) 

8-week group program information and homework is delivered via modules, trainings, templates and handouts. On Fridays you will have ‘office hours’ from 4:30-6pm EST and have access to me via WhatsApp in between office hours.

Limitless Linkedin Leads Course

Linkedin Profile Creation and Re-Creation

Whether you’ve optimized your Linkedin profile or not, we’ll create a powerful profile and re-create based on what you’ve got going on.

Ideal Client Identification

Yes, we know – you’ve done this a million times, and we’ll take your ideal client and find out how to search and effectively find them on Linkedin. We just need to pull out some additional information you may or may not already have.

Systems Creation for Funnel Success

We are going to turn your Linkedin lead generation into a money flow system and find out the best way to funnel over your ideal clients. Get ready to break down your current reach out methods and create a successful system that is unique to you and your ideal clients.

Lead Generation Automation

Now that we know your systems and ideal clients we can start putting together your automation. Yes, you can automate the in between with social media and this is exactly what we will do WITHOUT sacrificing the organic reach out methods needed to nurture your leads on Linkedin.

Content Creation for Linkedin Lead Generation Automation

This is where the sticking point for many business owners lies. We’ll unstick your content, and craft it in a way that is really focused on what your prospects and potential clients need to hear from you. With several different marketing strategies to use with content creation, we’ll simplify and multiply what works and get rid of the fluff that isn’t serving.

Metrics and Automation Setup

We’ve got everything in place and now it’s time for automating the process and understanding our metrics so that we know what’s working, what’s not, and understanding what our predictable outcomes are going to be based on efforts put in.

Your LinkedIn Lead Generation Follow-Up

This is the essential piece. More sales are lost because of the lack of follow up. When you have content and a system in place, you’ll see your sales skyrocket. We’ll dig in deep to your follow up process and create one that works easily and effectively.

LinkedIn Traffic for Marketing and Launching

If you have a product and program that is launching, LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to use in your marketing plan. You’ll learn the exact steps our company uses to hit multiple 6-figures on every single launch.

Bonus #1

How to Utilize Linkedin to Fill Events

($997 Value) 

Bonus #2

Building out Your Linkedin to Up Your Influence

($797 Value) 

Bonus #3

Scaling with Automation and Advertising 3-module series

($2,997 Value) 

8-week group program information and homework is delivered via modules, trainings, templates and handouts. On Fridays you will have ‘office hours’ from 4:30-6pm EST and have access to me via WhatsApp in between office hours.


The online industry is interesting. With so many entrepreneurs spending thousands and tens of thousands of dollars and not getting results…something has to change. We here at Influence Builder are excited to be part of that change. We’re a no-fluff, no-nonsense group of trainers, digital disruptors, and solution-makers. During a 6-month consulting mentorship, you’ll dig in deep with founder, Danielle Fitzpatrick Clark, and utilize her Influence Builders (the IB team) to move your business forward and actually scale to bigger and better income and influence.

This is an exclusive offer, and there are only so many spots available in any given quarter. To apply, you first need to do a BUSINESS BUILDER AUDIT with Danielle and the sales team to see where the gaps are and to customize a 6-month plan to get you to your goals.




We know our way around the digital space and with a combined 45 years of experience, we’re the team to deliver you the outcomes you want and deserve. We work with coaches, consultants, agencies, and small business owners to build out their online platforms. Here are just some of the offerings we have:

  • Website Design/Redesign
  • Funnel Building
  • Launch Plans (for products, programs, books, and more)
  • Lifecycle/Ecosystem Marketing Plans
  • Analytics and Metrics Implementation
  • SEO Audits and Implementation
  • Social Media Marketing and Implementation
  • Viral Marketing Campaigns
  • Publicity and Visibility Strategy and Implementation
  • And Much More…

We serve a wide variety of business owners, and it’s all about customization. Because these are highly sought-after services, we only serve so many clients. Get on the waitlist by applying below!