The Real Reason

None of the digital marketing tactics you’ve tried work…

And don’t get you clients

Published on May  20, 2020. Last Updated: May 24, 2020.
by Danielle Clark


I’ve been behind the scenes in the online space for over a decade. I’ve worked with big names, I’ve worked with small names and without naming names, I’m going to give you the real deal when it comes to online strategies that work. And this is not an attempt to biting the hand that feeds me, but good people are quitting their dreams because they think something is wrong with them, when they just haven’t been given the proper steps to succeed.

Several months ago, I had a drop to my knees moment. When I realized the game I was in without realizing my participation in it. The game that is being played isn’t based on know-how or expertise. It’s based on being good at sales and being even better at marketing and positioning yourself.

Being a scientist by education and trade, this never felt right to me. Surely, these bigger names are testing and tweaking what works and what doesn’t? They must be doing comparative analysis, competitive analysis, scientific methodologies to test and tweak and improve outcomes for clients?

Truth be told…many are not.

  • Many of the products and programs out there in the online space go out there with…
  • Minimal market research
  • Assumptions rather than analytics
  • No social proof or limited social proof
  • Hype versus solution
  • Short term gain and not long-term planning

The idea is, ride the coattails of those who have gone before you. Get something to work for you and put it out to market with the assumption it will work for others. Hack and swipe what those who “look successful” online are doing and cross your fingers that good sales and marketing will take you all the way home.

Which leads to…

  • The Blind Leading the Blind…
  • No Real Solutions Being Created
  • Cookie-Cutter Coaching and Consulting

Don’t reinvent the wheel they say…

If you’re spinning in the same wheel that everyone else is – you’re doomed to be riding that hamster circle for the foreseeable future.

So I did something drastic.

People were zigging, I decided to zag and go deeper with entrepreneurs during a time when everyone was scrambling. I spent hours giving free digital marketing strategy, business development, and scaling techniques during a potential downturn market. I supported their next steps in creating income at a time when people weren’t buying. And here’s what I discovered…

How you build in the beginning will make or break you

People will always, always buy the solution to their pain point

Relatability and authenticity is the cornerstone of standing out in a sea of noise

And what has been holding people back is they play the short-term games.

They are creating based on what they think will work and NOT WHAT THEY KNOW WILL WORK.

With digital marketing, there are always predictable outcomes. Those who rise to the top, don’t do so by accident. They do with intentional planning, deep dive into customer’s needs and wants, and create from a place of knowledge and confidence, rather than cross your fingers marketing.

This is the way that business ownership gets to happen. This is how people change lives, that go beyond their own…


It’s time for a new conversation…

The Simple Secret to Online Success

With 80% of businesses failing within the first 5 years of opening their doors (and their online platforms) with that number increasing given the current downturn of the economy, everyone is scrambling.

“What are we supposed to do to create income? Are we already dead in the water before we start?”

The answer is HECK NO. In fact, if you were ever going to start a business, especially an online business, now is the best possible time to get going.

Why is now the best time? Because with everything changing rapidly, everything going to digital there is no better time than now to get in front of the masses, to create solutions, and to take your mission viral and build a network and community of fans and prospects who need what you offer.

And this one thing will help you through all the ups and downs.

Focusing on the CUSTOMER JOURNEY…

Your prospects and ideal clients know where they are looking for solutions, are you showing up where they are looking?

And when you are showing up where they are looking, is your messaging easy to digest and helps them ‘raise their hands up’ and scream, YES! YOU ARE TALKING TO ME!

Once you’ve got their attention, are you taking them into action and showing them how to work with you?

Then you close them, rinse and repeat…

Sounds simple?

But, not easy…

And it’s not easy. Nothing about building a business is easy. Nothing about building allows you to have one toe in and still make a 6,7,8, and 9-figure income.

This is about the long-game. This is about building something that is recession-proof. This is about building something that is strong.


So how do you do that?

There’s a process to all of this…

Marketing Ecosystems

The process is what I like to call marketing ecosystems. With my years as a scientist in environmental science and ecology, there wasn’t a day that passed where I didn’t hear… ECOSYSTEMS.

Let’s start with the concept of an ecosystem…

Ecosystems in the natural world describe living and nonliving things, including and not limited to animals, plants, microbes, amphibians, insects, water, air, earth, etc. that all interact with each other to create balance. Each is depending on the other and all work together harmoniously. The key components are the interdependence of each in the ecosystem, and all this is where the balance comes. Think LION KING… it’s the circle of life.

What is the marketing ecosystem?

A modern-day digital ecosystem first starts with your current marketing strategy and addressing your business in its entirety. We take a bird’s eye view of what’s working and what’s not. Then a strategic plan is developed based on the core of your business, and what will continually drive forward movement of your branding, products, lead generation, sales, etc. and create a harmonious operation to get to a specified end goal…

Each aspect of your business has its own ecosystem.

Your product ecosystems are broken down with your ideal clients in mind. Here’s an example Ecosystem:

And ecosystems are in other aspects of your business, such as…

  • Lead Generation
  • Attraction Marketing
  • Viral Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Funnels
  • Sales
  • Closing
  • Client Fulfillment
  • And even Client Retention

All works together harmoniously and thoughtfully in a way that has your client’s begging you for more. Sound like something you want to dig your teeth into?

I sure hope so! Our clients love our process and go from making little to no money per month, to easily closing 5 and 6 figure months consistently.

Let’s see if you’re a fit for one of our programs!

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